I just got fired from my job
I guess that's sad
I think my boss thought that I steal and if she does I wish I had

And I saw it coming, didn't argue,
didn't try to fight,
just took my bags and said goodnight
I guess I don't mind

I just got fired from my job and now I have more time to think
and read but all I'll probably do is smoke and masturbate and drink
They said my attitude was wrong, and that was true:
Why would you care for a company that doesn't care for you?
Why would you work for a cause that you actually don't support?
Why would you be paid for being bored if money's such a bore?

I just got fired from my job and now I'm free
I know that paid work's still the norm here but fuck that,
it's just not for me
And I don't wanna spend my time stacking someone's shelves
If I'm gonna be a puppet then I'll hold the strings myself
And I'm still clothed and fed and not in any danger,
as far as I can tell
Thank you cities, thank you stranger
Fortune frowns, but I can change her
Thank you cities, thank you stranger
Thank you cities, thank you


from Bitte Gehen Sie Weiter, released March 21, 2016




Lappalie Rostock, Germany

Lappalie is a two-piece band from the Baltic coast. They regularly play on the streets of their hometown, singing about love, fear, drink and dreams.

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