from by Lappalie



Father took us home for Christmas, maybe 2004
We entered through the kitchen and found Granny on the floor
And first we thought of leaving
But then we checked for breathing
And wiped away the whiskey sick and swore and swore and swore

And dad had always told us not to swear in front of Gran
But now he swore that we're all fucked and opened up a can
He said the thirst for booze was inherent, we should get used to it
It's locked inside our bloodlines and it's part of Jesus' plan

It was sometime in the summer, we were climbing over fences
We chewed a bunch of mushrooms 'til the laughing was relentless
The racket reached the shooting stars
And someone said we should go looting bars
And on we went, so happy that the night was going to end us

It comes around each year and always takes me by surprise
The road becomes a river and I cannot trust the ice


from Bitte Gehen Sie Weiter, released March 21, 2016




Lappalie Rostock, Germany

Lappalie is a two-piece band from the Baltic coast. They regularly play on the streets of their hometown, singing about love, fear, drink and dreams.

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